General information

hamfax is an application for sending and receiving facsimiles in amateur radio and for receiving public facsimile broadcasts like weather maps. Supported interfaces are sound cards and the SCS-PTCII from Special Communication Systems.

The goal is developing an application which is usable for both, facsimile on short wave and broadcasts from satellites. But due to the lack of equipment, testing of satellite reception is not possible.

hamfax is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL).

Further informations are available on the Sourceforge page of the project.

The application was presented

  • at the Exposition Ham-Radio 2001 and

  • issue 1/2002 of the amateur radio magazine CQDL.

The project has been begun as student project at the company SuSE, but work will continue during the author’s spare time. You can reach the author at cschmitt (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net. Please use an appropriate subject line, empty subjects could be considered spam.


  • Receiving FM (frequency modulated) transmissions on shortwave.

  • Transmitting shortwave facsimiles (not live tested yet, but decoding the transmission works).

  • Receiving of satellite broadcast (This is untested and might very well not work yet. Does anybody have the equipment and the motivation to help out?)

Project information

  • There is a mailing-list hamfax-devel: Please consider using this list for hamfax related emails. Bug reports, suggestions and offers for help are always welcome.

  • Download release files here.

  • A git repository is used for source code management. Access through the git web interface or get the latest code by issuing:

git clone git:// hamfax-code

Known distribution packages

The easiest way for install hamfax is using the prepackaged version for the distribution you are running. These distributions are known to have a package for hamfax:

External information